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1 de March de 2023

The miraculous tomb

As everywhere in the world the district of Poblenou has amazing legends like the following one where you will see the miracles of the miraculous tomb.

El Santet de Poblenou and its the miraculous tomb

Nicho del Santet del Poblenou con los devotos entregados por la gente.


Francesc Canals y Ambrós died in 1899, at the age of twenty-seven. From his death the legends began. Not much is known about his life, but it is said that he was born in Ciutat Vella and his father was a blind mat seller. Francesc was popularly known as the Santet de Poblenou. When he was only fourteen years old he started working in a department store on the Rambla, as a clerk.


From that moment on, he began to have the reputation of a good person because he always did charitable works. Several people believed that the young man could foretell the future because he predicted the fire of the department store where he worked and also his death. It is not known what caused his death but it is believed that it was due to tuberculosis. When he passed away his co-workers and the Florists of La Rambla began to worship and bring flowers to his grave and more and more people began to bring flowers. The young man began to have the fame of curing the ills of love and infertility. Others said that his father recovered his sight. This caused many people to visit his tomb thinking that they would be cured like his father.

Over the years the legend grew. In 1908 the Barcelona City Council moved his miraculous tomb to a larger and more accessible space. In front of the niche was placed a glass where devotees can see it. Currently, it is opened twice a year to clean it of the hundreds of votive offerings.

What is so special about the houses of Poblenou?

During the nineteenth and twentieth century there were houses built centered in the traditional core of Poblenou, around the promenade. But they are few, the houses of the urban modification of the year 2000. About 4,000 were built in an area of approximately 350 blocks. In recent years modern buildings were built and others are rehabilitated.

Below, we see the views of an old building in Poblenou with its incredible views.

On the one hand, there are many in the surroundings of the Diagonal and the front maritime. And on the other hand, in the residential area of the Forum, where tall buildings are combined with large green areas.

Do you want to have your own house, apartment or loft?

Why not here?

Houses modernists

Most of the houses are bright, modern and with large common areas for its neighbors to enjoy this great city. Practically all of them have parking providing a great comfort. Living in Villa Olimpica is a luxury because you can walk in front of the sea, there is a wide range of restaurants, education, sports, and large international technology companies. There is also a lot of knowledge. The arrival of multinationals in the 22@ district has led to many workers from other countries coming to live and work here.

The neighborhood is in a modern, chic, trendy district. So if you haven’t found a place to live yet, this could be the place for you. Because it is perfect to be with yourself, with your partner or with your family.

If you haven’t found your other half yet, maybe this is your chance with the help of Santet del Poble Nou.

Who knows, maybe today is your lucky day.

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