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1 de March de 2023

The legend of Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló has a very famous legend in Catalonia. It is the legend of Sant Jordi.

The authenticity of the Casa Batlló

It is said that many years ago in Tarragona (Montblanc) there was a dragon. As it frightened the inhabitants, the king decided to give one person a day at random. That way the dragon’s hunger would be satisfied.

But one day it was the princess’s turn. And a brave knight saved her by killing him. From the dragon’s blood came a rose. That is why today men give a rose to women and women give a book to men. This legend can be observed in the Casa Batlló.

There are different elements that make reference to it.

For example:

In the tiles we see that they have the shape of the scales of the dragon, we also see the balcony of the princess or the sword of San Jordi that is in the Casa Batlló.

Another detail is the Sala de Arcos Catenarios where there are skulls representing the victims left by the Dragon. And many other architectural details.

The houses of the Eixample

L’Eixample is a great place to be able to walk around and contemplate the great architectural works. It is a district with an exclusivity regarding housing.

Depending on the area the characteristics of the house, apartment, loft… change. There are modernist, restored, antique… Prices vary depending on the part of l’Eixample in which it is located.

For example:

Rehabilitación de lofts en el Eixample Esquerra


l’Eixample Dreta are usually large and modernist apartments. They tend to have a higher price.

Why? Because what is valued here is art, sensations, not just square meters.

Then there is l’Eixample Esquerra. It has two neighborhoods: the old and the new. There the houses are characterized by being older than 40 years. Many are remodeled. They have beautiful and spacious courtyards typical of that area.


So if you want to live in a central location and brimming with architecture, l’Eixample is a good place to settle.

With Core you can find the home you want in an easy way. Here you have our website to see what you need: https:

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