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Fachada de la Casa Batlló

The legend of Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló has a very famous legend in Catalonia. It is the legend of Sant Jordi. The authenticity of the Casa Batlló It is said that many years ago in Tarragona (Montblanc) there was a dragon. As it frightened the inhabitants, the king decided to give one person a day at random. That way the dragon’s hunger would be satisfied. But one day it

Figura que se encuentra en la entrada del cementerio del Poblenou

The miraculous tomb

As everywhere in the world the district of Poblenou has amazing legends like the following one where you will see the miracles of the miraculous tomb. El Santet de Poblenou and its the miraculous tomb   Francesc Canals y Ambrós died in 1899, at the age of twenty-seven. From his death the legends began. Not much is known about his life, but it is

Calles del Gótico

The Gothic Quarter and its history

At first glance and architecturally Barcelona seems a perfectly structured city. It is characterized by a set of symmetrical or regular blocks. However, if you look closely you will find that in the Gothic Quarter is not so. It is Ciutat Vella , one of the most peculiar and unique in Europe. It is composed of a variety of medieval labyrinthine streets, are the
Vista aéria del Eixample

Eixample the heart of Barcelona

The Eixample is the first major expansion of the city of Barcelona. It is a large area north of Plaça de Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia. The Eixample is an extension of the city that benefited from an orderly urban planning. It was designed by the Catalan engineer Cerdá during the 1850s, and perfectly defined the current layout of the city. This area was

Living in Poblenou

Both Poblenou and the Olympic Village have an essentially agricultural and industrial past. The fields were gradually converted to industrial uses, until between the 40s and 60s this change took place at a faster pace. Thus it went from an industrial area to one of the most powerful in Catalonia. In 1992 and in the context of the reconversion of several areas of Barcelona

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